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Flexible Working: How It Helps Your Business

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Share the postWith the increase in technology and the use of mobile applications in business…

Flexible Working: How It Helps Your Business

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With the increase in technology and the use of mobile applications in business management, more employees are showing interest in flexible work hours than ever before. Businesses need to become more flexible to meet operational demands, as well as to improve workforce engagement, productivity, and retention.

Flexible working is an alternative to the routine workday pattern, which can be customized to suit your employees’ needs. It gives employees more freedom, to a degree, to choose the hours they work, where they work, and when. Happy employees are more productive which means businesses can enjoy greater growth and an improved bottom line.

Flexible working is a great way to create a positive employer brand because it shows you care about your employees’ well-being and needs. With a happier workforce, you’ll also have a wider pool of talent to choose from when it comes to talent acquisition.

Some candidates might be exceptionally talented and can be a real asset to your business but might not have applied if flexible working wasn’t on option. By offering flexible working in recruitment you can also increase the number of potential applicants.

As candidates are increasingly requesting flexible working, businesses need to see the benefits of promoting it in terms of an employee value proposition that will attract more talented people. The flexible working pattern is not only good for recruitment but also helps in employee retention. It helps businesses retain talented existing employees whose personal situations might have changed and would leave if they don’t have a flexible working option.

Flexible working promotes better work-life balance; employees who have a better work-life balance will have a better sense of responsibility, ownership, and control of their work life. It also gives employees greater control over their own work schedule and can help reduce commute times. If you help your employees balance work and personal life it can be rewarded by increased loyalty and commitment.

Today, with high-speed internet connections available almost everywhere, employees do not have to be confined to the workplace for the routine 9-5 working hours. Incorporating flexible working pattern into your business strategy not only helps enhance productivity but also increases your employee retention rate. Online HR software with robust shift scheduling features will make flexible working an easy task to manage.

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