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For the CFO: Accounting System Integration Key for Expense Report Software

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Expense Report SoftwareThis insight came into my inbox from Aberdeen Research today, via an email promoting one of their webinars:

?Today’s executives are being asked to improve operational efficiency and drive real-time decision-making – but disconnected financial systems can slow or disrupt the flow of crucial business data.? (my emphasis)

Exactly! One of the biggest benefits organizations reap when they implement business processing software like our online expense report solution (or e-signature solution, for that matter), is the ability to fully integrate their GL codes into the software, so that expense reports get properly coded when created, and a lot of recoding is eliminated:


The expense data can be uploaded directly into their existing accounting software and processes without much fuss.

The Employee Does Have to Apply the Right Code:


Humans still drive the efficiencies to be gained by ?going electronic? with expense reports, so some training is required to make sure:

  • Employees filling out their report online know where to find the applicable cost center, client or GL code.
  • They actually click the field and choose the right code! The system can prompt them to choose a code, but the company needs to train them on which code to use when.

You can eliminate a lot of human error through programming. The remaining 10% or so does need to come through training and administrative vigilance.

We love to train people, though, as we see the value in making sure all employees fully understand how to use the software we provide. Happy employees make happy clients, which makes us happy, too!

Have you implemented an expense reporting solution? Have you had issues with employees miscoding errors? Are such errors easy to fix?

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