Get Rid of Spreadsheets and Email for Recruiting

When all job applications are received by e-mail, it becomes a bit cumbersome. All the…

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When all job applications are received by e-mail, it becomes a bit cumbersome. All the mails have to be opened and attachments have to be downloaded, sifted through, and sorted appropriately. Then there are spreadsheets.

Though spreadsheet help you structure the data, they are not the perfect solution for resume tracking. But with HR software, all applicant data is collected and made traceable in a single place.

Hence this is a more orderly way than using mails and spreadsheets for this purpose.

  • Generally, candidate information is extended over files, emails, notepads, and memory. The software helps in gathering the resumes from various sources and managing them from a single place just like a one-stop resume management solution. With this you can source, track, and hire candidates with ease.

  • In hiring, most of the time is spent mailing the candidates, shortlisting or allocating people to interview them. It helps lessen the time that is spent on such admin tasks, thereby offering more time to be spent on recruiting than managing recruiting.

  • Every organization’s methodology of hiring is generally unique. It helps plot your recruitment workflow in to wholly customizable phases that can be easily created and edited, and assign them to people in your company.

  • Hiring involves discussion, sharing candidate evaluations, scheduling interviews, and delegating tasks. In short it’s a team work. Accordingly this helps you hire as a team.

  • It keeps track of and updates you about significant events and tasks. Additionally, this also allows you to easily systemize and share all communication, evaluations, and reviews about a candidate.

  • Companies utilize some sort of software to manage job processing. Few Small-scale firms utilize spreadsheets and/or mails to deal with this, yet most organizations utilize a devoted programming for recruitment-specific needs. In large enterprises, recruitment software may be offered as one of the various modules of a complex human resources suite. But this new web-based HR Software is venturing into little and medium enterprises through SaaS and offering a pay-as-you-go option.

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