How HR Software Helps in Hiring and Staffing

The challenge to hire a bunch of great people demands keeping track of and organizing…

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The challenge to hire a bunch of great people demands keeping track of and organizing thousands of applications across different departments coming in from various sources. Numerous interviews have to be handled per week and hiring has to be efficiently performed over geographies.

Web-based recruitment software is a tool that enables companies to handle their recruitment needs online by streamlining & optimizing the entire hiring process. It offers to post job openings, oversee candidates, associate with colleagues, and use this information to help you make an informed decision with everything you need at one place.

Generate an opening & post it on your organization’s website or on a careers page. Post jobs to search engines and share them on your online networking accounts. Also, create a set-of-steps according to your hiring process and track applicants as they flow through the phases of your hiring channel.

Create a completely customizable and adaptable application form to collect richer data from candidates other than just resume. Gather all job candidates in one place, regardless of the various sources they come through from.

Recruitment software is used by both small & large organizations but its usage varies in usefulness, functionality, components, and features. The key job is to unify all the data about an organization’s recruitment efforts in a database.

Applicant Tracking Systems are intended to add framework to the processing of resumes & candidate data. Candidate information is either gathered from internal applications through front-end, the organization’s site or job boards.

Some cutting edge ATSs permit candidates to be sourced from the organization’s own database of earlier job applicants. Almost all organizations use some or the other software to oversee resume data & to manage job applications.

In larger enterprises, recruitment software might be offered as one of the various modules of a Human Resource Information System. Some older modules are typically installed within the organization’s premises and have a one-time establishment cost. In recent years, recruitment software is expanding into small & medium enterprises through SaaS. With this, organizations can now pay for a recruitment software solution on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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