How Electronic Signature Software Improves your Customer Service

An electronic signature software or e signature software solution allows organizations to obtain signatures on electronic documents instantly, thereby automating their manual business processes and removing the need for manual effort. Apart from increasing the efficiency of the process, the deployment of this software also helps organizations provide better service to their customers, especially if they have a sizeable number. Here’s how.

A fully electronic workflow: In many industries, it is essential for organizations to seek the approval or authentication of their customers in the form of a signature to initiate or conclude many different kinds of transactions. Though most organizations/institutions have computerized most of their business processes across industries ranging from insurance to banking to education, obtaining this approval in the form of a signature has yet to become electronic. Take the case of an educational institution. During the application process, an applicant can fill in the entire application online but still has to print the application out to add his/her signature before mailing it to the institution. With an electronic signature solution, the institution can eliminate the need for this.

Faster service and more convenience: Continuing the same example, if the educational institution did use electronic signature, applicants can finish the process then and there without having to do the latter part of mailing the letter. As we can see, this not only accelerates the process but is also convenient for both parties. And this point holds for other industries as well; banks and insurance providers can make procedures like opening accounts faster and more convenient for their customers.

Less clutter: It’s customary and in some cases mandatory for organizations to hand over a copy of the signed document to their customers. This signature solution also helps with filing documents. Once the customer signs the online document, a copy of the same is sent to both stakeholders for safe record keeping, eliminating the need to mail physical copies of the document.