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How Electronic Signatures Increase Business Security

How Electronic Signatures Increase Business Security
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These days, every individual, business organization, and government agency are processing business documents for a wide variety of business transactions on an everyday basis. However, in this technology driven day and age, providing high-level security to key business documents is becoming one of the major threats to businesses of all sizes. It has become a critical component for businesses of various sizes to safely secure and store the confidential business data for future references.

While in the traditional signing process, businesses used to store documents in separate cabinets which were in a locked room. However, this occupies a lot of space, and increases the usage of paper, which is not recommended due to its environmental impact. Yet, in this digital age, stocking of various business documents in locked rooms will lead to the cybercrime attacks, which results in the loss or misuse of sensitive business data.

In order to protect the business documents from cybercrime attacks, businesses are presently adopting the technological solutions of e-signatures in their business. Moreover, the electronic signature software is a sophisticated digital document storage technology, which provides end-to-end security for the most valuable business data in addition to storing the sensitive business documents on a cloud platform.

By using the e-signature platform, businesses can send documents to the multiple clients for the purpose of signing. On an electronic signature platform, one needs to provide a name to the document, upload the document, and add signer details (i.e., Name, Email address, Organizational role etc.), as well as keep remainders to the document, if required. However, before processing the document to the client, you need to specify specific areas on the document where your client needs to sign with either initials or signatures, using text boxes. The client can use either a smart phone touch screen or any signature capturing device to sign business documents. Once your client has completed the signing process and clicks on the finish button, the sender will then receive a notification which says that their client has completed the document signing process.

Moreover, by using cloud-based e-signature technology, the signer can sign on business documents virtually from anywhere in the world, at any time. However, the majority of businesses are having concerns with the legality issues of e-signatures. Yet, electronic signatures are legally binding, and having the same legal status as that of hand-written signatures.

For small and mid-sized businesses especially, the electronic signature software is a cost-effective solution that offers fast, secure, and convenient business transactions. Moreover,

E-signatures replace the paper-based process as here the business transactions are carried out in an electronic format, reducing the time spent on manual paper-based procedures, and securely completing the approvals and agreements in a few hours rather than days.

Additionally, going with the paperless route will help businesses enhance their document security, by securely storing the sensitive business data. It also increases the business transaction speed, significantly improves the turnaround time, saves time and money, eliminates the need for the pen and paper process when dealing with multiple transactions, and acts as an environmentally friendly alternative.

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