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How Has Corporate Travel Changed Over the Years?

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In an age where one can book a trip across the world, corporate travel is accessible easily than ever before. 

Corporate travel is considered important in many companies, and the travel costs contribute around $1.3 trillion to the global economy in a year. Corporate travel will cost more when not managed effectively; this article illustrates the best ways to manage business travel effectively.

Booking Corporate Travel

Most often, the dates and general logistics of your trip are determined by the needs of the clients. It is always better to book travel in advance to make it manageable. Of course, this will not be the case at all times as corporate trips need to be booked on short notice if a client needs a quick turnaround time.

The corporate booking tool you use for travel depends on your company’s internal travel policy. Companies require employees to book through the tool that complies with the business rules.

Businesses should go with travel management software to make it easier for employees to comply with corporate travel policies. Business policies include flight classes, hotels, and rental cars that employees are allowed to book.

Booking terms is dependent on your company’s travel policy and budget. For the most part, businesses will be looking at mid-tier flight and hotel options that fit their needs.

Business trip

Corporate travel is on business purpose; you will have to plan the trip to ensure you rest assured of taking the tour. Plan your journey before avoid any last-minute bookings.

While you are on a trip, make sure you have as much time you need for work. If there is a company policy for per diem, allowance, transportation, and accommodation, you’ll have to check for terms and policy compliance. You can also check for a bleisure travel allowance if you want to see other places after your business hours.


The critical part of corporate travel is gathering expenses and filing reports. For flights, hotels, transportation, and food expenses, you are likely to spend a decent amount and would like your expenses to be approved and reimbursed quickly.

Getting your expenses reported, approved and reimbursed is easy, especially if your company has expense report software.

The solution gives users the ability to submit receipts, documents accurately without data errors. Automating T & E management allows your employees to report expenses anytime, which would speed up the review, approval, and reimbursement processes.    

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