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Tracking travel expenses have been a challenge for any business. Reimbursement associated with per diems adds a level of complexity that decreases the process efficiency and encounter challenges in the reimbursement, billing and accounting process. Managing rates, calculating allowances, deductions and applying rules can pose major challenges to the efficient running of the expense reporting process.

Policy Enforcement and Allowances

SutiExpense supports per diem management requirements by facilitating policy enforcement as well as allowances to be applied to the rates for defined users. This allows employees to validate rates against travel policy adherence, allowable/unallowable. This also includes logic for excluding taxes and tips. The system will ensure that travel is treated according to company policies. Travel expenses can be accurately reimbursed along with trips that have costs allocated to multiple projects.

Allowances or deductions can be based on actual meals provided and out-of-pocket money can be assigned to the overall travel reimbursement limit, otherwise it can be excluded from the allowance rate.

As allowance and deduction rules change over time, each can be assigned to a specific user group. The system validates against actual meals claimed and allows customers to cross validate attendees against individual per diem claims.

Accounting, Reimbursement and Tax Management

The most crucial part of the employee management, accounting and billing process relates to the allowable charge. The tax on any part of the business amount, the reimbursed amount or any transactions flagged as personal may change based on the local tax jurisdiction. SutiExpense offers comprehensive features that help facilitate the reimbursement process through tax auto-calculation.

Ultimately, the per diem allowance supports the profitability and overall success of the company. The solution you put in place must not only be robust and accurate, but also offer real-time visibility and auditability.

The Conclusion

The complex process of per diem management can be simplified and managed effectively with SutiExpense. Whether the policies change due to geographic expansion or other negotiations, you will always stay in control of the process. Align best practice and process with the best-in-class application, unleashing unparalleled flexibility, control and auditability. Whether you are seeking better insight into expense processes across multiple countries, companies and currencies, SutiExpense will empower your organization and facilitate for improved efficiency to boost your bottom line.

The expense reporting solution that takes global roll-outs will be able to handle expense reporting requirements through complete customization and configuration. Make sure your expense reporting solution challenges your requirements and offer solutions for the most happening issues while making the process more efficient by complying with statutory business requirements.

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