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The Key Benefits of Mobile Inventory Management

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Mobile technology has surprised each and every aspect of our lives, especially in the business field. The regular way of managing inventory is outdated. Today, it is all about having mobility in the working environment using an automated system for tracking and managing the goods. With the help of mobile applications, employees who are on the field will be aware of the current scenario as the information is updated and the data is accessible in the real-time by the entire workforce connected to it.

Mobile solution has revolutionized the business inventory management. Organizations that are slow to adopt mobile solutions are not only losing a competitive advantage but also they losing revenue on out-dated workflows and processes. Here, we present three key benefits and explain how they can have major positive impact on your company.

Enhanced Process Efficiency

When it comes to inventory management, a lot of the expenses consume into man-hours and inefficient processes. Mobilizing inventory management significantly reduces most of the mundane processes involved by allowing employees to access and update information from the location of the assets as opposed to transporting data between the warehouse and the workplace.

Mobile devices make the inventory management workflows much simpler and faster. Having access to the entire inventory management system from anywhere anytime improves the process efficiency. With a mobile application, employees can confirm they are at the right warehouse, as well as enter inventory information with the scan of a barcode rather than taking data down by hand or entering numbers.

Better Inventory Management

Mobile inventory management increases process efficiency, especially when it comes to purchase orders and paperwork. Mobile solution can eliminate most inter-department paperwork, taking inventory and receiving to the warehouse.

A mobile inventory app helps procurement staff view or create purchase orders and requisitions on-site. They can also do quick edits and modify orders while at the point of service or in the warehouse, increasing accurate data and documentation. Using a mobile app, employees can register all inventory interactions, material usage, labor, and any other crucial data on every step of the way.

Boosts Productivity

Allowing your staff to move away from their desks while retaining access to all procurement data, as well as ability to collect data remotely, boosts productivity and efficiency of the complete procurement process. Difficult and time-consuming processes can be streamlined into intuitive workflows in the field. Work cycles can be dramatically shortened. Data entry will be more accurate and less is lost in translation from warehouse to workplace.

The benefits offered by the mobility in any field have become the most valued factor now. Procurement teams can easily manage the inventory & warehouse information using handheld devices. It gives detailed information on the entire lifecycle of the stock. If an organization has an extensive warehouse setup, especially spread over to multiple locations, it’s inevitable to have such mobile stock tracking devices with those involved in managing such warehouses. The mobile devices help in mobilizing the information among the multi-site, multi-warehouse setup effectively. This, in turn, allows the entire process of inventory management works quickly and effectively.

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