Create, review and approve purchase orders, plan reorders and track suppliers from a single interface. SutiProcure provides complete control of buying activity, allowing you to monitor payments made to suppliers and prevents overspending. You can seamlessly send purchase orders to preferred suppliers, conduct auctions and process orders effectively.

Rule-based PO Approval

Configure purchase order workflows by department and at different financial levels and set up approval routing for a streamlined business process. Automated PO approval processes provide greater visibility and control in purchasing workflows, helping businesses increase overall productivity.

Create and Send Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders based on negotiated terms with suppliers using the Request for Quotation (RFQs) and submit for approval from a single interface. SutiProcure allows you to configure re-order points and helps you plan purchasing effectively.

PO Processing

From purchase order requisitions to reconciliation of supplier invoices, manage the entire procure-to-pay cycle effectively with our procurement solution. SutiProcure automatically extracts data from invoices with OCR technology, validates the information against POs, and streamlines payments cycle.

Inventory Management

SutiProcure allows you to manage inventory, track supplier performance, and forecast demand across the supply chain in real-time, helping you effectively optimize inventory and minimize costs. The software enables you to perform inventory management activities – order requisition, purchasing, payments, and shipment from a single platform, ensuring seamless data transfer.

Track Supplier Details and Pricing

SutiProcure enables you to monitor suppliers across the supply chain using supplier scorecards, surveys and summary reports. With quantitative and qualitative scorecards, questionnaires and survey forms, you can get 360-degree visibility of supplier data.

Automated reports

SutiProcure cleanses, validates and reports spend data across the enterprise to provide comprehensive visibility and accurate real-time reporting. The in-depth insights allow you to reduce maverick spending, procurement costs and help you improve efficiency and productivity.

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