SutiProcure optimizes every step of the vendor management process – from sourcing and on-boarding to final payment. The software provides suppliers with a self-service dashboard, allowing them to update and store payment terms, contracts, contact information and other crucial data on a secured cloud-platform.

Supplier Information Management

Gather comprehensive supplier information, including financial data, business-critical documents and certifications to stay on top of the data you need to improve regulatory compliance. Generate a single holistic record for each supplier by maintaining master supplier data across the organization’s functions including procurement, accounts payable and other back-office processes.

Supplier Performance Management

Identify trends and evaluate supplier performance by category, business unit and region to ensure that your projected business objectives and savings are realized. SutiProcure provides a comprehensive set of supplier performance management tools to help you build and maintain good relations with suppliers.

Supplier Relationship Management

Define result-driven action plans to mitigate and manage supplier engagement issues, and proactively improve supplier relations to ensure that strategic sourcing initiatives stay on track. SutiProcure enables you to interact and collaborate with poor performing suppliers and helps you improve their performance.

Comprehensive Supplier Intelligence

Determine reliable suppliers by analyzing capabilities, commercials, experience and more to proactively reduce exposure to global business risk and liability. SutiProcure provides you with supplier information to identify the right suppliers, including proposals submitted, purchase order history, active contracts, issues associated and more.

Easy Supplier Registration

Create custom registration forms to capture data you need to better understand your suppliers. Add new suppliers and enable them to update their payment terms, policies, certifications and other business-critical documents by providing access to self-service dashboard to ensure all the supplier profiles are accurate and up-to-date.

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