Define catalog rules to allow businesses to source products from preferred buying channels. The cross-catalog search functionality across inventoried items, punch-out catalogs, configurable approval workflows, while the catalog update functionality ensures that you have complete control over purchasing.

Strategically Compliance Catalogs

Configure catalog rules and workflow approvals to ensure products listed in catalogs are in-compliance with the procurement strategy. Boost contract utilization to transform negotiations into savings, while managing end-to-end catalog life-cycle effectively.

Hassle-free Catalog Maintenance

Empower suppliers to update their catalogs, inventory, pricing, and product information to make new products available to you immediately. Configure automated approval workflows to approve changes made to supplier catalogs and improve accuracy while reducing workload.

Punch-out Catalogs

SutiProcure’s punch-out catalogs provide a consolidated view of items from preferred supplier websites, hosted eProcurement systems, and other external procurement applications. Suppliers can publish global or buyer-specific punch-outs and exchange product data with standard protocols.

Ease of Use

SutiProcure enables enterprises to flip new contracts into product catalogs and provides the flexibility to create purchase requisitions while ensuring controls on spending. From supplier catalog creation to onboarding, SutiProcure makes the entire catalog management process easy.

Greater Control

SutiProcure’s guided buying feature navigates the users through relevant buying channels, including hosted & punch-out catalogs and provides you a seamless experience.

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