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How SutiExpense Speeds Up the Reimbursement Process

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Employees expect fast reimbursements from their companies. Accountants have to undergo many tedious tasks while claiming reimbursements; however, there may be a chance of possible delays in every phase of the reimbursement cycle. Accountants and T&E administrators are occupied with so many tasks like policy enforcement, reporting, and analytics. Keeping an eye on expenses all the time can be a notoriously difficult task for most accountants. That’s why companies switch to automated expense report software that can help them gain insights into business spending.

However, a simple solution would only help you know the expense details but a comprehensive solution like SutiExpense would expedite the process of reimbursement through its multiple approval approach. Multi-level approval process makes it easy for finance departments to process reimbursements much faster.

Pre-trip approval feature

Through this feature employees can include all the expected expenses in the report and submit it to the finance department. This would speed up the process of approval as everything will be approved beforehand. In this way, the pre-trip approval request can accelerate the reimbursement process.

Approval from travel desk

When an expense report is submitted, it will be routed to the travel desk for approval and then will be routed to the approver. In this way, all the travel related expenses can be double-checked by both travel desk and the respective approver. This can ensure policy compliance and expedite the reimbursement process.

Alternate approver

There may be scenarios when delays are caused due to the approver absence. This would certainly queue the expense requests in pending state, which will delay the reimbursement process. To avoid this scenario, SutiExpense provides you an option to set alternate approver to oversee the reports for others. This means that the expense reports will be routed to the alternate approver in the case of the regular approver’s absence.

In this way, SutiExpense can automate and speed up the reimbursement process.