How to Transform the Employee Performance Review Process

The traditional annual employee review process holds business performance back. It places an enormous burden…

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The traditional annual employee review process holds business performance back. It places an enormous burden on managers to squeeze a year worth of feedback into an hour at a conference table. The best solution is to transform the employee review process from a reviled annual event into a critical, ongoing opportunity for feedback and career development. By implementing best practices and using advanced software solutions organizations can develop a perfect employee performance management program.

Organizations should establish employee performance milestones that advance their comprehensive business goals. Managers need to communicate these milestones clearly to employees and explain how they tie into their top-level business strategy.

Use robust reporting and analytics to back up your assessment of your employees’ performance. Real-time analysis helps your business set a performance baseline that can be applied to every new hire, or customized to fit the needs of unique teams and roles.

Organizations should try to link the performance review process to employee compensation. Make sure that your employees understand that their performance year-round is an important factor in deciding their compensations.

Allow your employees to view their individual career progress anytime, from anywhere. Online systems offer both a simple way for employees to view live assessments of their performance as well as a permanent record of their growth overtime.

In transforming your company’s performance management process, embrace technology that provides a full array of tools that help managers track and review every aspect of an employee’s performance, while making that information accessible to employees anytime in the cloud. Advanced performance management software helps a lot in this process and also offers career development, trend forecasting and more.

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