SutiHR Wins 2016 HR Software Awards From FinancesOnline

Today, we are proud to share some excellent news with our users: SutiHR got awarded!…

Today, we are proud to share some excellent news with our users: SutiHR got awarded! We were delighted to hear that one of the most popular business software review platforms appreciated our commitment to users, and decided to award us their Great User Experience and Experts’ Choice Awards for current 2016. We were incredibly pleased to be featured with throughout SutiHR reviews on their website, and the fact users can see we got awarded makes us even happier.

Each year, a team of proven experts in the SaaS and B2B industry gathers to compare current SaaS market expectations with the efforts popular apps are investing to respond to them, and they award the ones that deliver the most efficient solutions. This year, SutiHR become one of the winners in the HR Software category, and it was apparently because experts appreciated its robustness and capacity to serve virtually every industry. We were happy to find out that SutiHR imposed itself with accurate collective performance metrics, and inbuilt reporting that went beyond all users’ expectations. It practically meant that our mission was accomplished!

As a result, the team considered SutiHR for another meaningful award, namely the Great User Experience Award for 2016. Such recognition is usually given to products that improve user experience with outstanding interface design and intuitive usage, which was one of our first priorities when starting to develop our products.

Both awards boosted our performance thresholds, and are an incentive for us to put some even better work forward. Thanks! We’ll do our best to continue rejoicing our clients!

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