Improve Workforce Productivity with Advanced Shift Scheduling

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Scheduling employee working hours is crucial for every organization, especially for warehouses, healthcare facilities, and transportation depots, where every shift needs to be covered. Without proper scheduling techniques issues can easily arise when some employees receive more working hours than the others, when someone tries to swap shifts once the schedule has already been posted, or when certain shifts end up being under-staffed.

If you noticed a drop in workforce productivity, then begin investigating into your current methods of handling employee shift schedules. Overburdening your staff, by not taking proper actions for available hours can drain the productivity out of your employees.

Regardless of your business or the size of your teams, shift scheduling software is the perfect choice to automate the processes involved with managing employees schedules. These types of solutions use various metrics to make the best use of the available resources. Everything will be handled digitally; with real-time analytics help you adjust scheduling needs on the fly.

Below, we present the key uses of a software solution and how it helps increase company productivity:

Reduce Time Spent on Employee Scheduling

The larger your organization, the more complex it can be to create work shift schedules. The automated system simplifies the entire process of creating unique schedules for each employee. It helps managers easily create roasters, fill all shifts, or find substitutes whenever an employee calls out for their shift. The solution provides any necessary suggestions and helps you find an alternative without needing to deal with overtime costs.

Manage Time-off Requests with Ease

Along with reducing the time spent on creating schedules, an online scheduling solution will streamline the way you handle employees time-off requests. Employees can send requests for time-off or shift swapping to managers from wherever they are. Managers will receive those requests instantly via an email notification, where they can quickly approve or reject the requests with a click of a button.

Avoid Overworking Employees

The solution helps you quickly verify the total worked hours by each employee and avoid over-scheduling an employee. You can easily reduce the overtime costs for the company and help employee tiredness, which will improve employee morale. The solution quickly alerts managers if any employees have been scheduled beyond their total available hours for a specific week.

Improved Efficiency of Individual Departments

Regardless of the department, managers can quickly notice an increase in efficiency or productivity. They can schedule shifts based on the needed skills and requirements of the individual department.

In large enterprises, each department will have its own requirements and demands. The software helps managers face their unique scheduling needs. Start-ups will also find this solution helpful, especially as the size of the company grows. The online software is scalable, so whether you are a small or large enterprise, you will continue to meet the requirements and needs of each department.

Allow Employee to Manage Their Own Schedules

It is easy to use a self-service portal when it empowers employees to manage their own personal schedules – claim open shifts, view scheduled shifts, request shift swapping, and much more. Allowing employees complete control and knowledge to be accountable for their own schedules instead of falling victim staff planning or communication issues. Employees can have peace of mind that the scheduling process is as fair and transparent as possible.

Schedule with Better Communication

The online solution eliminates the communication gap between managers and employees. Managers can quickly make any necessary changes to a schedule and automatically alert the employees involved with the modification. With full access to their schedules, employees (and their managers) can view the latest updates and plan their workdays effectively.

Prevent High Payroll Costs

The solution provides managers with the insight and the ability to schedule shifts while also avoiding possible overages in your payroll. They can easily fill in the scheduled shifts while considering employees personal skills and company scheduling rules. This can ultimately help improve employee efficiency and reduce payroll costs.

Mobile Attendance Tracking

Mobile access allows your staff to clock in and out, pickup open shifts, or drop shifts at any time. Geolocation tracking helps managers view whether the employees have checked into their designated locations and track them in real-time. Mobile access provides your employees with the ability to remain in contact and up to date in real-time of any shifts they were assigned.

Bottom Line

As you can see from the what was listed above, the software provides several key advantages for managers and their employees. Implementing specific and unique shift schedules with the right software will significantly impact your workforces’ overall productivity and efficiency. While there are quantifiable metrics, such as reductions in payroll hours and prevention of employee tiredness, there are also benefits that are immeasurable. These include increased employee morale and better communication, which you will get from the streamlined process.

Your staff will also appreciate the advanced scheduling method. By enhancing the efficiency of your shifts through the use of a scheduling system, your workforce will find it easier to stay productive and motivated about their role within your company.

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