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The acceptance of mobile technology has made its way into the professional world. Mobile devices have become a means of improving productivity with new versions of mobile applications releasing every day. HR departments have not been left out of the trend. Increasingly businesses are choosing to adopt mobile technology to support HR professionals in their administrative and strategic functions.

Easy Access to Information

Ease of access to information is one of the main reasons for the shift to a more mobile friendly trend. With the information we need available at our fingertips, we have now successfully armed ourselves with the required knowledge to drive individual and organizational growth. Deploying an HR-centric mobile application to your employees provides them with the necessary access to business-related information, documents, and the basic data they need to make more informed decisions while in the workplace or anywhere.

Connecting Employees

The virtual workforce has increased in the last couple of years, which means there is a new sector of employees who may never meet their fellow colleagues face-to-face. However, companies must go on, and virtual employees may need to have contact with coworkers they might be unfamiliar with.

An HR mobile app makes it easy for individuals within your company to access the employee-directory which connects them to the rest of the organization. Employees can view job titles, locations, and contact information of any member within the organization. It also allows employees to contact coworkers by phone or email with a click of a button. The ability to explore your company’s organizational chart makes it simpler for everyone to identify the leadership and hierarchy of teams and departments across the entire company.

Minimize Administrative Burdens

HR departments have grown in size over the years; the main reason for this is the increasing number of policies and regulations that HR professionals are tasked to manage. Leaving less time to investigate employee requests and concerns daily. This inconvenience creates a problem for large organizations with employees in need of support, approvals for time-off, and for those HR professionals who want to spend more time focused on creating a better employee experience.

Today, most of us are choosing to manage our lives with the help of mobile applications. This sentiment is no less true when it comes to completing business-related tasks. In some companies, tasks as simple as updating employee contact information requires an employee to fill out a physical form which must be scanned and emailed to the HR department, to be printed out and stored in a file cabinet. An HR professional is required to update each employee’s personal profile when any change occurs, big or small.

Utilizing a mobile application with a built-in self-service feature removes this pressure off HR teams by enabling employees to access the information they need – without having to contact the HR team each and every time. Employees can instantly access their benefits and tax information, being able to update information whenever necessary. Also, they can view their current compensation details in order to learn more about their paycheck or paystubs and determine how changes to their compensation may affect future earnings.

Improved Performance

Introducing an HR mobile application into the organization to improve your performance management processes can help keep your employees engaged, no matter where your employees are located. Managers can assign goals and competencies easily from an online HR system that each employee can access on their smartphones. Employees can also update the progress of their tea and individual goals and competencies as well as comment on a goal’s status on-the-go.

Though performance management is considered a significant method of developing new competencies and reaching company objectives. Tracking the progress can often take a backseat to the job duties which need to be accomplished throughout the day. Employees and managers want to tackle performance management when it is convenient, which may not always be during the hours spent in the office. When they can access goals and competencies from their mobile device, any time is the right time to track the progress of their goals and company assignments. Combining mobile technology with the practice of goal setting can have a great effect on your employees’ ability to accomplish their goals.

Simple and Secure

Data privacy is more essential today than it has ever been. Particularly when it comes to personal information and data sharing, such as employee names, addresses, and birth dates. To ensure your workforce data is safe and secure, enable features such as fingerprint or facial recognition, which allows your employees to access their profiles safely. These unique personal identifiers offer a convenient alternative to lengthy passwords.

Today’s workforce will forever be highlighted by its increasing need for mobility and flexibility, while also empowering your employees to embrace these new preferences. Having an HR-centric mobile application which is easily accessible to everyone, lets your employees know you understand their needs and enables them to be efficient and more productive than ever before.

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