Improve your Recruiter to Improve your Recruitment

When it comes to attracting talent, the recruiter often plays a very important role. It…

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When it comes to attracting talent, the recruiter often plays a very important role. It is the recruiter who is often the first point of contact with candidates and it is the recruiter whom you will believe in to find you the best possible talent in the market.

So, slightly tweaking the meaning of the Latin phrase ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ here is the critical question – how do you become the custodian of the custodian? How do you ensure that your recruiters are successful at their jobs so that they will in turn find you successful and responsible candidates? Here are some ideas:

Get them social

Recruitment has come a long way and today there are so many diverse channels to source candidates from. Social media is one of the major channels whose potential is slowly but gradually being tapped. Using social media, recruiters can source well-rounded candidates who can be a good cultural fit at your organization. Ensure that your recruiters are active on this medium and using it as a source.

Feedback from candidates

One of the areas where your recruiter has to be the best at is communication. Essentially, the recruiter is the bridge which connects the candidate and the interviewing authority, and it is the recruiter who has to keep all sides informed of all developments.

This means effective and timely communication, and one way to ensure this is to invite feedback from candidates and interviewing authorities and use this feedback as pointers to train and improve the recruiter.


HR software solutions today come with advanced analytics that help you measure all aspects of your workforce. You can customize these analytics to measure recruiter performance using a variety of criteria like timeliness, fit, performance of the candidates, and so on. These can again be helpful in improving recruiter performance.

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