Attracting Top Talent – How You Need to Shape Yourself Up

Normally, this quandary is one for candidates – how do I shape myself up to…

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Normally, this quandary is one for candidates – how do I shape myself up to ensure that I land the job I want? However, this question is equally true of organizations too – how can they shape themselves up to attract the best candidates in the market? Let’s see some tips on this:

Follow the candidates

If one of the first rules of investigation is to follow the money, then one of the first rules in shaping yourself up to attract top talent is to follow the candidates and build conversations with them where they are.

Whether it is job portals or social media, ensure that you can be found easily and are accessible to candidates if they need anything from you. Be active on different media and get yourself out there.

Have an X-factor

You might not be the largest player in your industry or have a world-beating president, but you need some sort of an X-factor to attract top talent. You should be able to offer them something that no one else can, maybe in terms of perks or career advancement or something else.

An interesting selection process

A staid, boring selection process puts off candidates who are looking for a challenge. Make your selection process interesting and challenging to ensure that candidates who are not up to the mark don’t sneak through somehow.

A challenging selection process only whets the appetite of top talent and makes them want to give their best. Also, use technology like recruitment software to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Apart from the above, some other things to follow would be to make your workplace technologically sound, having good appraisal and reward programs, and to quote from a famous book, make them an offer they can’t refuse.

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