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In the Corner Office: E-Signature Helps You Finish the Quarter Strong

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No matter if your business is privately held or a publicly traded company, each fiscal quarter is important, and finishing each quarter strongly is everyone’s goal.

Eliminate paperwork delays that slow closing business.

The last thing you need when trying to close a quarter is bureaucratic delays in getting contracts and other paperwork through the system.

  • The more manual your internal processes, the longer it takes for a deal to move through your system, get booked, billed and realized on your GL.
  • The bigger the deal, the more parties involved – Legal and senior executives for all parties, at the very least. And they may not be waiting at their desks for documents to arrive.

Speeding up the process with technology is the answer, but only if the technology provides the compliance you need and the “ease of use” your customers and employees demand.lec

Enter eSignature

The best time to get a contract in front of a customer who has agreed to do business with you is “immediately.” If your internal process involves paper-based contracts, overnight mailing of contracts to customers, and a manual internal approval/review process, you are introducing a string of potentially damaging delays. (Not to mention more than one chance to fumble the process and give a bad impression!)

Compounding these delays, a lot of sales professionals close their deals during the last 10 business days of a quarter. That means that four times a year, your contracts team needs to go into overdrive to make sure that as many deals bill for the quarter as possible.

Employing an e Signature solution like SutiSign won?t change the behavior of your sales team, but it will lessen your processing time by as much as several days:

  • Each party that needs to review a contract can access it in its secure cloud-based location, no matter where they are if they have internet access. That includes busy executives who may be sitting in an airport lounge.
  • Everyone involved gets e-mail notifications and reminders with the document link, so they can access the document 24/7.
  • All actions (approvals, comments) are tied to the document file, and available for each party to review.
  • When an approval is secured, all parties are notified, especially the next responsible party for pushing the document through the process.

What a boost to productivity! Time is saved, visibility gained, mailing expense eliminated.

Plus, imagine the impression your sales team gives a new client when the needed contracts for signatures arrive by e-mail minutes after the customers say “yes!”

Have you benefited from the productivity gains of e-signature solutions like SutiSign? How has your professional life improved by using such technology?

At SutiSoft, we are working to improve the lives of all employees, one electrified document at a time!

Contact us for a product demonstration today.

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