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Mobile Expense Report Apps Boost Productivity – A Lot

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One of the greatest productivity boosts from implementing online expense report software into your business accounting structure comes from the incredible ease-of-use available through mobile apps.

Aberdeen research declares that mobile is a killer app unleashed by moving expense reporting into the cloud.

“Through the advent of mobile travel and expense management applications, business travelers (both employees and executives) have consistent and real-time access to the processes within the typical expense management program.”

Think about it: The great time drain in doing expense reports comes from pushing paper: Receipts (lost, found again, illegible), scans, excel spreadsheets filled in by people who are not hired for their ability to work a spreadsheet. The list of energy-sapping steps goes on.

Think, instead, of what happens when your employee can:

  • Capture an image of the receipt seconds after receiving it (no chance to lose it)?
  • Has it auto-populate the expense report (eliminating operator error)?
  • Finish the expense report on his or her smartphone and submit it
    from wherever t
    hey are (no waiting to return to the office)?
  • Respond to questions or issues immediately via e-mail, and have the system route the response to the right place (no scrounging for e-mails)?

Get on board with this productivity boost! If you have expense report software already, don’t wait for employees to figure out the mobile app on their own. Take the initiative to train them. Educate them on the time-saving benefits of converting away from collecting receipts and “doing it later.”

If you don’t have a cloud-based expense reporting system, start right here:

If you already have a SutiExpense system, your employee simply needs to head to the iPhone app store or Google Play to find the right app!

Or contact us for help.




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