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On the Road: e-Signature Software Beats the Good Old Days

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Being connected 24/7 through today’s mobile devices is a mixed blessing.

  • On the plus side: Productivity tools available through my phone or iPad make communication with clients and handling business processing tasks like tracking outstanding contracts or handling expense reports (what used to be “paperwork”) are far easier.
  • On the downside: Now that my 55-year-old boss has discovered texting, his ability to “support” me is far more intrusive than his old e-mail and phone approach. I have to check all incoming text, as it could be a client or family member reaching out to me. So, the boss’ messages of encouragement always get seen (which he likes!)

On balance, though, electronic connection to SaaS-based software has been a great improvement over the “good old days” of complete independence while traveling for business:

  • No more than 10 years ago, seeing people pulled over to the side of the road fumbling to refold their paper map was nothing unusual.
  • Remember having to find a pay phone so you could check your voicemail or the office for messages? And carrying rolls of quarters to use the phone, before the “great innovation” of calling card numbers?
  • And do you remember when you had to overnight or mail contracts to your customers and how much longer the process took when the customer needed to make changes?

Wait. What? On that last point, that’s STILL how your company does business today?

Do yourself (and your employer) a favor: Explore eSignature solutions to see how they can speed up your contract signing and approval process and eliminate the costs involved with overnighting contracts for signature.

Now, about that cassette player . . .

Is your outfit still using a manual process to get documents signed? What is keeping them from switching to paperless, cloud-based e-signature solutions?

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