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From the CIO: E-Signature Software Complements BYOD Trend at Work

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The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, where employees use their personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to conduct the organization?s business is now well established.

All organizations (for profit or not) need to adjust their IT approach to accommodate the trend if they want to both capture the greater productivity available and, at the same time, maintain the security of corporate IP and data. Your business applications and resources will increasingly be accessed through personal devices not issued and controlled by you, whether or not you like the idea!

Use the Cloud: SaaS Solutions Secure the Data.

According to Avaya?(open infographic here), close to half of the workforce has a smartphone, and are probably already using it for business activities (at the very least managing their e-mail accounts.) Do you need to capitalize on that ?free? technology base to save money and better engage the workforce, not least because they love their new devices, and train themselves on how to use them!

A nice article from Windstream, a communications system vendor that supports this position.

?As the total mobile workers and ?road warriors? increases so do the risk of reduced productivity and employee satisfaction. This is where BYOD offers some major benefits.

  • Although BYOD is often promoted as a means to curb corporate IT expense, it does more than that?it also allows employees the choice in?how?they communicate?Today?s employees are almost overly knowledgeable regarding the operation of their personal devices.
  • No more working only 9:00 to 5:00?for national and global enterprises to operate effectively in the digital age, employees must always be connected.?

To capitalize on BYOD, you must convert those business processes that enable employee productivity to a secure, cloud-based system (expense report software, e-signature software, etc.):

  • Employees get 24/7 access from wherever they are (productivity boost)
  • Employees access only those online services that they need to get their work and paperwork done (security boost)
  • Companies keep important data OFF the personal devices (security boost)

The BYOD trend can be accommodated, as long as the device serves solely as a portal to your organization?s safely protected SaaS-based business services

With SutiSign, SutiSoft has been encouraging this move to secure, cloud-based business processes for the better part of a decade. We like the fact that world is catching up to us, as it is the most efficient solution in a BYOD world!

We are working to make employee lives more productive, one BYOD-ready business service at a time.

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