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Integrated D-Signature Solution for Secured User Authentication

D-Signature Solution
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In this technology driven day and age, signatures are still imperative to close a business deal successfully. Today, several businesses are using scanned signature copies, and latest signature capturing devices to obtain clients’ as well as customers’ signatures on important business documents and agreements.

In the past, businesses implemented pen and paper signing methodology to obtain signatures on key business documents. However, this process has involved a lot of hassle for businesses. During the pen and paper signing process, businesses need to get the documents printed, scan those printed copies, arrange them in an order, and send documents to the third parties via email or courier and wait until the documents are returned safely.

In the case, if the recipient has forgotten some signatures or any of the document files are misplaced, then again the entire process of printing, scanning, and sending of the documents has to be repeated. This could result in decreased business transaction speed, diminished employee productivity, and loss of valuable time and money.

In order to enhance business transaction speed as well as to improve employee productivity, several industries have implemented electronic signature software, a simple and secure online e-signature solution to upload and sign business documents quickly and effectively. The electronic signature software provides several benefits to the businesses of various sizes. The solution offers end-to-end digital transformation, creates positive customer experiences, reduces operational costs, boosts business transaction speeds, improves team productivity, decreases manual work, and alleviates paper-related costs.

Although electronic signatures have several business advantages, however it holds a few hidden challenges as well such as:

The e-signature solution doesn’t provide any authentication and signature verification capabilities, in addition to there being no fraud or forgery detection tools in real-time.

In order to mitigate the fraud risk as well as to fight against signature forgeries, SutiSoft introduces the integration of SutiSign with SutiDSignature, an easy-to-use web-based hand-written signature verification solution which is used to confirm the authenticity of all business transactions.

How Does the integrated DSignature Solution Work?

It is a simple three step process:

  1. While in the first step, a user should register with integrated dynamic signature solution. During the registration process, the user must provide atleast ten specimen signatures by using the smart phone touch screens or any signature capturing device. Then, the integrated DSignature system comes into picture and automatically selects the best five user’s specimen signatures.

2. Once the user gets registered with integrated DSignature solution, then the SutiDSignature platform captures the unique parameters such as velocity, pressure, angular movements, etc. from the user’s specimen signatures in the form of templates and stores them in the DSignature database.

3.  While at the time of approving electronic documents, users must give their approval by signing on the document at various indicated points using electronic signature platform. During the approval process, the integrated DSignature solution extracts the various unique parameters from the user’s current signature and authenticates with the pre-enrolled templates in the SutiDsignature database.

Based on the similarity score, which is a customizable feature, the user’s current signature can be authenticated or rejected.

After the successful authentication and based on high similarity scores (probably above 90%), the integrated SutiDSignature solution adds the current user’s signature as a specimen signature template in the DSignature database.

Every business needs to implement integrated dynamic signature solutions in their everyday workflow because it utilizes the best-in-class algorithm for extracting and matching templates. Additionally, the integrated DSignature solution provides world class security to business documents, eliminates fraud and all types of signature forgeries, checks signature frauds in real-time, secures business documents from sophisticated criminals who continually find new avenues of fraud, as well as reduces approval cycle times and manual processing costs.

Do you want to implement integrated DSignature solutions in your business? Sign up for a free live demo today!

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