Electronic Signature for Business Solutions

Electronic Signature for Business Solutions

Time and money are the two most important ingredients in running a successful business. The more you save time and money, the more you can grow your business and earn high profits and revenue. The electronic signature software is a powerful medium to save time and money and skyrocket your business to the top position.

Generally, business documents are mainly categorized in two ways:

  • Business agreement or document submitted to prospective clients in order to win business.
  • Internal report or a document intended to share with employees and business partners.

While running a business, it becomes necessary to move the documents between people and using wet-inked signatures on paper-based documents takes a heavy toll on businesses and slows down the business proceedings. When it comes to client based agreements, delay in obtaining signatures for weeks and months may annoy your client and sometimes it may result in leaving your business forever..

Moreover, expenditure spends on pen, paper, ink, and other stationary items become heavy for businesses especially for startups and small businesses when it comes to budget considerations.

E-signature is the perfect solution for businesses to streamline document signature process and to achieve a higher level of efficiency in business workflow. In electronic signature system, the entire process of sharing and signing business documents is carried online resulting in a win-win situation for everybody including business partners, business leads, valued clients, and employees.

How it does it work?

  • Upload business documents in e-signature software and click on a document to share with relevant people for review and signing.
  • Track and monitor who has signed the document and who has not yet signed the document. You can even send reminders to people who have forgotten to sign the document.
  • All business documents are stored online and e-signature provides high security to business documents and whenever you are searching for a business document, you have the option to go to e-signature solution and find the document stored in the system instead of wasting your time searching office desks.

Electronic signature simplifies the lives of people who are associated with your business and provides flexibility, efficiency, and fluidity on how everything works.

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