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Integrating Voice Technology with Your CRM Platform

CRM Voice Technology
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Today, we all spend a good amount of time talking to our devices. No matter whether we are searching for any specific location or weather updates, speech is becoming a preferred mode of interaction with the new technology. The sturdy development of the voice activation technology plays a significant role in the business world. And this expands more to the small and medium-sized corporate space.

More precisely, voice-recognition technology is aiding the organizations leverage customer relationship management software with improved effectiveness and speech that make the promising feature automatically turn into a game-changer in the ground where tech-savvy employees score over the others.

Read on to know how voice-based technology can help your CRM software to its advantages.

1. Voice Recognition for Scaling Down

It has been observed that 45% of smartphone owners leverage voice activation technology in their daily lives. So, it is natural that the small and mid-sized business leaders will also use the benefits of voice recognition in the professional area. Basically, the small companies are often in a better position for implementing and experimenting with modern tools on the move than the large enterprises, the ones who need to abide by longer approvals, researches and strict adoption method.

In the initial stage, CRM software solution will include a primary integration with trendy virtual assistants, such as Amazon Echo, and much more. It will enable the CRM users to simplify into the cutting-edge technology by mastering fundamental skills, paving the learning curve as voice-based technology will become more refined in the future.

2. Saves Productive Hours of Salespeople

The voice-based technology is becoming a massive time-saver application for all professionals leveraging CRM. Deploying voice activation into the CRM tool aid users to interact with data in a more targeted manner. This indicates bypassing of unrelated details and arriving at the data directly which users are seeking. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology saves your salesperson’s time of manually opening the solution to retrieval of information physically.

The speech-to-text technology can be the best time-saving application for entering data. The technology can help you in getting around expensive and repetitive activities of inserting data manually into the solution, as CRM users can depend on the system to submit details through speech.

For instance, an average CRM user usually types 70 to 80 words every minute. But, it has been observed that leveraging the speech recognition while working with CRM, one can accommodate 150 to 170 words every minute easily. This indicates it is nearly three times quicker than only typing on a handheld smart device.

3. Boosts Customer Service

Clients don’t like navigating via telephone menu system whenever they call an organization. Rather, an automated attendant can ask the callers to press the number on the keypad to access a service. A voice activation system enables callers to enter client information by communicating to the telephony software.

Speech recognition boosts customer support and facilitates accurate data. It authenticates a clients’ identity over the phone before the person talks to a service representative, matching inserted data with details kept on a robust CRM solution.

Voice activation has become a dominant weapon for handling fraudulent activities, thus, potentially saving your business’s millions of dollars. The technology is useful for the brands who want to cut call volumes, minimize waiting times and offer clients with the details they need.

4. Salespeople Can Focus on Sales

A salespersons job is to generate prospects and close deals as much as possible, while encoding should be on sidelines. Eradicating conventional data entry can free up time and boost data accuracy. With the new tools/technologies and added time, salespeople can focus on what they can do the best, i.e. selling.

To Sum Up

CRM voice recognition is arriving quickly and searching optimal aspects to have the small business take full advantage of the modern technology to drive more meaningful client interactions which can predict a massive effect on the bottom line and organizational development.

Voice technology has become common in our daily lives. Leveraging voice as input has been on the rise in some past years, and for a good reason. Mobile phones and speakers are one of the common adaptors of this smart technology, thus making it simple to access. Also, the appropriateness of newer speech recognition products is as high as 97%, helped by deep learning and the other functionalities.

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