Key Features to Look for When Selecting an Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is an essential technology for the modern HR recruiter. The system…

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Applicant tracking system (ATS) is an essential technology for the modern HR recruiter. The system streamlines every step in the recruitment process from job posting to employee onboarding. Different organizations have different requirements and therefore, it’s important to find an applicant tracking system (ATS) that suits your specific hiring process.

In this blog, we present the key features that you should consider when choosing an applicant tracking system.

Company Branding

Candidates receive a generally accurate first impression of companies during the hiring process through job descriptions, application forms, and job portals. The solution should offer sophisticated tools to customize these and build a consistent identity throughout the recruitment process. Implementing these features successfully will effectively target the right candidates.

Managing Interviews

Most organizations are offering candidates the option to schedule their own interviews. Giving the control to candidates saves HR managers’ time, while also creating a better interviewing process for candidates. Real-time interview scheduling streamlines the interview process. The interview schedules should integrate seamlessly with everyone’s calendar. A structured interview process leads to more accurate feedback. A time-saving interview process improves your business’s brand by offering a seamless experience for your candidates.

Mobile Access

A mobile-friendly recruitment system is a significant advantage for both recruiters and job seekers. Allowing your HR teams to access the system from anywhere, anytime can mean more remote work – resulting in more hires, better relationships, and real-time analysis. The solution should save candidates time when applying for a job and also gives the ability of attaching supportive documents. If the process is tedious or doesn’t flow with an applicant’s mobile device the way it should, you could be looking at system abandonment. Select an application that works with all of your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to ensure you can achieve the level of efficiency promised.

Search Tool

You can’t hire best talents without having the right candidates in your hiring pipeline. A robust search tool will enhance your pipeline and help you hire for the more exclusive and specific roles. Make sure the search is fast and accurate. The system will aggregate all of the data from multiple online sources into one, creating a unified candidate profile. It allows HR recruiters to search, add prospects to your ATS account, and contact them directly with just one click.

Reports And Analytics

When planning your future hiring strategy, you’ll require real-time data to make successful and impactful decisions. Make sure the system that you select delivers detailed, exportable recruiting reports and analytics. Also, check whether the reports can be easily customized and readily accessible with the most up-to-date data.

The more parts of the recruitment process an organization automates, the faster they can hire. The faster an organization hires, the more likely they are to attract the best talents and not lose out to their competitors. A streamlined hiring process offers a better experience for candidates and means that even unsuccessful candidates leave the process feeling valued.

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