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Streamline Your Recruiting Process With SutiHR

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Recruiting is one the most crucial tasks of every HR manager. Right from creating requisitions to hiring candidates, every phase of the recruiting process has its own challenges. However, with the SutiHR recruitment module, every aspect of recruitment can be streamlined and speed up like never before.

Our recruitment module helps you in the following ways:

Recruitment Dashboard

HR managers can get the details regarding requisitions, scheduled interviews, onboarding records, and new job applications from the dashboard. It becomes easier for HR managers to get any updates regarding recruitment.


The resumes section displays all the resumes of the candidates. HR managers can upload, search, and archive any number of resumes for future reference. In this way, resume management can be easily done with the software.

Hiring Process

Hiring is where HR department should manage every phase such as interviews, feedback, shortlisted, job offers, and onboarding. SutiHR user friendly interface allows you to get complete details along with the status of every stage of the hiring process for any candidate. You can get the list of candidates at any point of time by simply clicking the respective stage. Also, our easy-to-use interface gives you the option to edit employee details. Besides this, SutiHR also provides an option to reschedule the interview. In this way, HR managers can track the progress of any candidate or requisition at any point of time.


SutiHR allows you to create, edit, search, or track requisitions easily. All the requisitions will be displayed in the job postings page where HR managers can view the details of a particular requisition easily. Also, requisitions can be closed, posted to job portal, viewed/edited, and deleted in a click.

Job portal

All the job postings will be displayed in the job portal page where candidates can send their application by applying to that respective job posting.

Besides these, SutiHR also provides job application template option using which you can create a job application within fraction of seconds. In this way, the solution helps you overcome difficulties in every phase of the recruiting process.

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