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What are the Components of the SutiHR Platform?

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The SutiHR platform is an end to end solution for all the human resource management needs of an organization. Apart from the modules that are a part of human resource management like recruitment, training & development, performance management, and so on, the HR platform comes with other add on applications like document management, single sign on, online signature, data analytics, and security. All these added modules improve the scope of the SutiHR application and help with the efficient and effective management of the workforce.

One of the most important add-ons is online signature, the application which allows users to get signatures online. This is particularly useful in aspects of HRM like recruitment and performance management, where signatures are necessary for the transaction to be deemed complete. Instead of printing out offer letters and the like, users can now get the digital copy of the offer letter signed with the online signature and save documents online using the document management module. These modules combine to offer the most convenient on boarding and performance appraisal activities for all those involved.

Then there is data analytics, which helps with the implementation of a data-driven approach towards human resource management. In the absence of an analytics application, HR managers only have historical data and guesswork to base their important decisions upon. With the analytics application, though, everything can be measured and action can be taken to improve the process wherever it is lacking. The single sign on and security modules help with the secure and easy access to data.

The SutiHR platform is not just a standalone application that caters to just a few needs; it is a robust integrated application that helps with the management of the entire range of activities associated with HRM. It can also be integrated seamlessly with other applications to offer a great experience to users.

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