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Key Ways Technology Can Help Finance Professionals

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Small business owners don’t have a large team to work on back-office tasks. Also, they may not have funds available to outsource work to contractors. Fortunately, technology makes it easier to perform time-taking tasks quickly and affordably.

If you want to scale up your business and give some more time for productive tasks, the following are some key ways you can utilize technology to streamline your processes and boost performance.

Adding Edge to Finance Department 

There are many ways technology can help save time in finance. There is no need to manually create invoices for clients since they are a number of accounting programs and invoice processing systems that will automatically compile and send a bill once the transaction is done.

Payment processes can be easily streamlined through digital payment processing methods. For enterprises selling offline, there are a number of technological tools that can be utilized. You can choose ACH processing systems for bulk transactions, allow payments through checks for fund transfers, or make it easy to pay online.

Mobile payments through smartphones are a quick and affordable method of making payments when you wish to make payments outside the office, tradeshows, workspaces, pop-up shops, and so forth.

Large business owners hate to spend lots of time reviewing your business expenses every month. If so, you can make use of expense report software that can make your life much easy. Better to go for an application that works on both iOS and Android operating systems. Expense report software can link both credit and debit card accounts so as to import all the transactions to the expense report.

Moreover, payments made by cash can be easily recorded by just taking a photo of the receipt with a smartphone and then uploading the image to the app. Expense software will read the relevant data from the image using OCR technology and send the details to the expense report. In addition, there are a lot of accounting software that help sync your bank account to the system so that all transactions get automatically imported into the system. This would save your time and money significantly.