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Key Ways to Boost Construction Productivity with eSignature

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In the construction business, the mobility of specialists is intense. For every new construction site and a new project, the team of specialists can vary. Hence, it is crucial to keep employment documents intact. Before starting, the work contracts should be drawn up properly.

Paperwork has been a critical aspect of business and can be time-consuming.

An electronic signature allows for reduced risks and enhanced work effectiveness. With the online eSignature solution, a construction firm can securely sign all crucial business documents such as cost estimates, purchase orders, employment forms, and much more.

Higher returns, lower expenses

A real benefit is the pace of transferring electronic contracts and the ease of signing them. Additionally, it minimizes the cost of printing paper and maintaining heaps of papers. Now that the number of documents signed every year by a large construction business is less than ever, converting physical documents to be electronic is a significant advantage. Both in terms of prestige and financially for the firm. Plus, it is simple for electronically signed records to be archived and found when needed.

No delays and deliver construction projects timely

Construction projects need considerable capital investments. It states the need for guarantees from the involved parties. Verbal commitments and trust aren’t enough, and relationships are developed on more consistent safeguards- written documents. Every decision, like any change in a project, must be documented.

The need to get signatures from off-site engineers/subcontractors from another city can hold back the momentum of the project. It can also result in extra costs and missed deadlines.

Leveraging a cloud-based electronic signature solution eliminates the risk of delays. Wherever the necessary person is, be it your client, off-shore engineer, or subcontractor, getting the signature is a matter of a few minutes. You and the signer can process agreements on any smart device in just a few clicks, with no need to dispatch/scan the document. So the result is you receive timely approvals and can start work with no document-related setbacks.

Establish robust relationships

While it is challenging for construction companies to keep up with the technological advances in paperwork and office management, there’s a tremendous amount to be learned. The trust and support will be won by a firm that has managed paperwork clearly and cuts time with paperwork.

Switching to an electronic signature solution is a plus in showing respect to project leaders and workers. A construction firm that also demonstrates its approach to environmental sustainability wins.

Maintain confidentiality

Online electronic signature software is a secure way of gathering and ensuring the safe storage of signed documentation. It is because all the contracts are sent using SSL encryption. Documents on the move or being stored cannot be read by anybody except the person who has access.

The automated eSign solution enables you to gather electronic signatures that are legally binding. Each signature collected holds details about the IP address, the timestamp of when the signatures are collected, and a validated email ID of the signee.

Keep Your Projects on Schedule with eSignature Software Solution

There is nothing more wasteful than employees sitting idly, waiting on documents to be signed. The delays caused because a couriered agreement got misplaced in transit, or a manager was working remotely and missed critical fax are no excuses. For this reason, you must get the field team accustomed to leveraging the eSignature system to streamline paperwork.

Eradicate the time taken to generate contracts from scratch

With an eSignature solution, construction leaders can generate fillable form templates for repeatedly used document-types like PO, inspection contracts, subcontractor documents, and more. It can be edited and sent out to the staff from your android or iOS devices.

Automate follow-up on signing

Because electronic signature technology maintains an audit trail of all document movement, you can request the signing status per file. Also, it automatically sends reminders to the signers who haven’t yet signed the document within a set timeframe. It signifies that even if you forget the contract, the solution won’t let the absence of the file impact project timelines.

Accelerate remote contract signing

Due to the pandemic, many administrative workers prefer not to travel around the world. It makes it specifically challenging to drop off agreements and bills. But with an automated eSignature solution’s web and mobile application, you can request signatures and send documents over email that allows field workers to minimize visits to client locations.

Digitizing regular tasks could vastly boost productivity. Perhaps your New Year’s resolution must be to rethink how your business approaches its documentation workflows. If you are considering an eSignature software, then make sure to ask vendors the right questions.

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