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An Advice To Businesses: Sign Your Documents Electronically Using E-Signatures

Businesses to Switch to eSignature
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E-Signatures, it means signing a business document or verifying a business transaction electronically using e-signature software. It doesn’t involve the usage of the pen and paper processes. However, in the online electronic signing process, businesses can use the automated and real-time hand written signature verification systems and biometric devices to sign a business contract or a document electronically, to gain the secured business transactions online, and to detect the signature forgeries and frauds in real-time.

Moreover, businesses of various sizes and shapes can effectively utilize the services of electronic signature software. There are several hidden benefits associated with the usage of the electronic signatures in businesses. This can be:

  1. In the sales process, businesses can take the best advantage of e-signature solution. By using the electronic signature system, the sales team can effectively track the documents, close the sales faster, sign the documents electronically using a computer system, mobile device or any signature capturing pad. In addition to this, on the e-signature platform, you can find the in-built templates to prepare the sales quotes. This can help you save the time and focus on selling the company’s products and services or devising of an effective sales pitch.
  2. You can even use online e-signatures for sending of the business documents to the multiple signers through a single click. Once the documents have been sent to the client, you can track the status of the document such as monitoring whether your client has opened the document, has your client viewed or signed on the document, did your client missed any signatures etc. You can even send the timely reminders to your client in order to remind them about the signatures to be kept on the document.
  3. By using the e-signature software, your business can save the oodles amount of time because the entire process of signing takes place on an electronic platform. However, in the traditional pen and paper signing method, your client needs to print, scan, and sign the documents and send or mail the documents back to the business owner. This can create a lot of hassle, consumes a huge amount of your client’s time, and delays the process of closing a business deal. However, with the usage of e-signatures, your business can speed-up the deal-closure time, can avoid the task of printing, scanning, and mailing of the various business documents, significantly save your client’s as well as your company’s time, increase the business productivity, and close a higher number of deals in less time.
  4. The usage of electronic signatures provides an increased security to the business documents. Did you remember? During the inked-signature method, the client needs to print and scan the documents for the purpose of signing. However, the printing and scanning of several business documents take place in an open area where your employees can misuse the confidential business data. But, by using the e-signatures, one can eliminate the fear of losing or sharing of the most important business documents. The e-signatures provide and protect the businesses with complex passwords, finger print authentication technologies etc. This can eliminate the possibility of unauthorized people gaining an easy access to the case-sensitive business data, and provide a high level of security to the various business documents with the usage of the password protected account for viewing or signing of the business documents.

Businesses, while using the electronic signatures can dramatically cut down the various costs involved in the pen and paper processes, boost the work productivity of your employees from the bottom-line, provide the world class security measures to the business documents, and speed-up the business transaction process.

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