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The Benefits of E-Sign Software For Healthcare Industry

E-Sign Software Benefits
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With the quick execution of regulatory changes at the state and federal levels, the healthcare industries are finding ways to streamline workflows, efficiently manage denials, engage in effective BPM for medical equipment manufacturers, eliminate delays caused by lost documents and minimize costs of administrative processes. Fortunately, eSign software can help healthcare professionals regain control of their company’s expenditures by enhancing on these issues and further systemizing administrative processes at all levels. Here, we list a few benefits offered by the eSign solution.

Document Integrity

The software automatically verifies, tracks, and records signatures so that signature manipulation is eliminated. To ensure authenticity, the solution is equipped with security protocols that produce audit trails for every signature captured. Discrepancies can then be rapidly pinpointed and checked to avoid delays.

Minimizes Costs

One of the key benefits offered by the eSign software for the healthcare industry is to eliminate paper, ink and printer purchases/maintenance costs. In addition, reducing overhead costs naturally improves profits, supports productivity and allows administrators to spend more time focusing on more crucial elements of their business.

Enhances Patient Satisfaction

The software accelerates the signing process by eliminating the need for multiple signatures and having multiple documents available at the time of signing. Electronic signatures also save time because that the eSigned documents do not need to be sent somewhere to be approved. An eSign initiates actions instantly by permitting an authentic transaction between the signer and a specific agreement.

Improves Compliance

The state and federal laws have made electronic signatures as legal and binding as pen/paper signatures. Conversely, because of the strong security methods supports the integrity of e-signatures, there is no chance that documents may be signed incorrectly or involves various types of identity theft. Moreover, e-signed documents are routed upon signing to the correct patient file to eliminate human error. The software authenticates identities of parties involved in a transaction, eliminating digital tampering with documents that have been signed electronically and provide time-stamped audit trails offering location, time and date information.

Benefits offered by the eSign software designed especially for healthcare industry involve the solution’s ability to standalone, integrate seamlessly with currently utilized document management systems or operate as a bundled package with existing business products. Managing full signature lifecycles, allowing for fixed or flexible information fields, and preventing annotation of certain pages or areas of a document are just a few key advantages healthcare professionals appreciate when relying on eSign software.

A cloud-based electronic signature and data capture tool built specifically for healthcare professionals enables signers to mark and sign documents using a keyboard, mouse or touch screen, from any web-enabled device. The solution addresses the industry’s unique security and complex information capture needs and was built to seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems.

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