Reasons Why it’s Time To Switch eSignatures

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Probably, you have moved towards paperless solutions to get your work done faster. While the concept of a paperless office is still unclear, we are getting closer to this reality. Although eliminating paper is not realistic, now it’s time to ditch the pen and paper method and adopt electronic signatures.

Electronic Signatures

An electronic signature refers to the data in electronic form, issued by the signatory to sign. The signature provides the same legal standing as of handwritten signatures as it adheres to the requirements of regulations. The objective of electronic signature is to quickly authenticate a document with a unique mark that doesn’t require the paper and pen. Electronic signatures are now widely used in private affairs, legal dealings, business transactions and in other government documents.

Understanding the Benefits of Electronic Signatures

Understanding the benefits of electronic signatures is very important before you decide to implement eSignatures in your business. Let us see a few benefits of going with electronic signatures:


The biggest benefit of electronic signature is they are simple and easy-to-use. Choosing a solution that allows you to upload a document, add signature fields, declare signers and recipients and deliver a link to the recipient is very important. The recipient signs the document and completes the process in just a few clicks. Simply open a link and click on a button to get the document opened for signing.


Electronic signatures are safer and secure than traditional paper documents. Not only do the system allows you to sign documents, but also contain traceable information that details who signed the document, when they signed and where they signed. This ensures greater security than paper-based transactions.


Today, even small businesses deal with different suppliers, customers and partners in various cities, states and even countries. Electronic signatures allow you to close deals remotely, which make it much easier for you to get your clients sign documents online. Electronic signatures allow for remote authentication, making it more convenient than mailing or printing option.

Quick Turnaround

Electronic signatures ensure faster turnaround time. Instead of sending document to a single party, getting them to print, scan and then sending to the next party allows your clients to sign documents off within seconds. Faster turnaround time gives businesses greater visibility into time-sensitive information.

Low Cost

Electronic signatures are cost-effective than the traditional paper and pen method. Not only you would save on paper, but also gain significant savings on postage, mailing, and scanning costs. Also, the time savings get quickly add up.

Time to Change

There’s no need to panic if you are using old-fashioned paper and pen signatures, however, you can switch today to online electronic signatures. The online signature system makes it easy for you to sign and manage documents electronically. So, just go ahead and switch to eSignatures so you can focus on bigger and better activities for your business.

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