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How Businesses Can Use Dynamic Signatures

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Signatures still play an important role in several business transactions. It acts as a proof of identification to verify the authenticity of various business documents and files. Does your business use signatures as a means of communication to conduct the business between the multiple parties? Are signature frauds and forgeries threatening your business?

However, in this technological driven day and age, cyber crimes are high on an alarming note and taking a heavy toll on businesses of all sizes and shapes. With an increased alarm of cybercrimes and thefts in today’s society, businesses are really facing a tough time in the identification of signature theft or forgery. Whenever a signature gets thefted or forged, it is not always evident for the human eyes to accurately identify the fraudulent signatures as the intricacies varies each time when a person gets signed. Is there any solution for the accurate identification of the forged signatures? Do we have any secured system to safeguard the sensitive business data?

Yes! We do! Businesses can accurately verify the authentication of signature frauds and forgeries as well as protect the confidential business documents in real-time with the help of dynamic signature solution.

What is This Dynamic Signature Verification?

The automated dynamic signature system is a web-based hand-written verification solution in real time. This is used to verify the authenticity of user’s signatures. However, the solution works only on smart mobile devices or on touch pads.

How Does It Work?

It is the three step process:

At first, the user or a business who wants to access the dynamic solution needs to get registered with the dynamic signature system. During the registration process, the user must provide with the sample hand written signatures’ which is also called as specimen signatures (i.e., it can be in 10-15 in number), by using the signature capturing devices, smart mobile phones, or touch-pad devices. From the sample hand-written signatures given by the user, the dynamic system automatically chooses the best five signatures which is also called as golden signatures and stores them as templates in the D-Signature database.

Once the user gets successfully registered with the system, then in the second step, for a user to gain an easy access inside a room or to open a mobile app, the user needs to provide the current signatures. Then, the system automatically takes the current user’s signatures and compares them against the stored templates in the database by taking into the account of the various dynamic characteristics such as velocity, pressure, aspect ratio, strokes, pen ups and pen-down’s etc.

Whereas in the third step, during the comparison period and based on the pre-defined threshold value which is also a customizable factor, the user gets successfully authenticated or rejected. Once the user authentication is performed, then the system takes the best-scored templates of the user’s and stores them in the data base for future references.

Dynamic Signatures: Business Advantages:

The effective utilization of dynamic signatures possesses various advantages to the businesses. That can be:

By using the dynamic signature solution, businesses can accurately identify the signature forgeries and frauds, reduce the human errors, securely and safely process the business documents, eliminate the task of remembering long and complex passwords, enhance the security for the sensitive business data, streamline the process of business transactions, and act as a proof of identification to verify the various business documents.

Does your business wish to implement the dynamic signature solutions? Request for a free live demo today!

In order to determine the accuracy of your client’s and customer’s signatures in real time, businesses should adopt the automated signature verification system or the real-time dynamic signature verification solution.

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