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Importance of E-Signatures in the Real-Estate Business

It’s time to ditch the pen and paper process and adopt a new signing technology called E-Signatures. The e-signature technology is not only useful for the big enterprises; even the real-estate business owners can invest their money on electronic signature solutions that can help them to sign the business documents online fastly and securely. Moreover, the usage of electronic signatures can help the real-estate businesses to speed-up the process of signing business documents, reduce the costs, improve customer relationships, and boost the business transactions.

The usage of electronic signature solutions offers various advantages to the real-estate business. Here are a few:

  • Ensure a secured online business transaction for the various real-estate contracts and agreements.
  • Motivate real-estate brokers and agents to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the world and at anytime.
  • Organize contracts, agreements, and other legal documents in the cloud storage and secure them properly.
  • Gain a complete overview of your business and manage every aspect of your online real-estate business transaction.
  • Enable your clients to easily complete the process of purchasing, sales, and financing of the various business documents.
  • Minimize the amount of errors present in the document plus track and monitor the status of the documents being sent to the client.
  • Create an audit trail for every signature and verify the signer’s identity.
  • The document senders will receive alerts whenever a client views or signs the document.
  • Store the various business documents and agreements on a centralized electronic signature platform that allows the users to easily retrieve them whenever needed.

How Does the E-Signature Solution Work for the Real-Estate Business?

By using the electronic signature solution, the real-estate business owners can easily send the business documents or contracts to the clients. On an e-signature platform, the user just needs to upload the document, enter the client’s email address, and click on the ‘send’ button. In a matter of seconds, the document will be sent to the client.

And through the email notifications, the client will receive the document in the form of a PDF file. Whenever a client opens the document from his/her end, he/she can see the signatures and initial areas flagged. In the flagged signature and initial fields, the client needs to keep the signatures using the different signing methods. Once the signatures are done, the client needs to click on the ‘send’ button. Then, the document will be automatically sent back to the end-user, who has sent the document to the client.

Moreover, you can also create smooth and seamless business transactions using electronic signatures. This software has motivated the several real-estate professionals to close a higher number of deals successfully and win more sales. As well, you can even save the money spent on pen, paper, ink, and other stationery items and improve the customer satisfaction levels.

What are you waiting for? Implement an e-signature solution in your business today for faster and more secured online transactions.

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