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The Importance of E-Signatures in Businesses

E-Signatures in hospitality
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In this technology driven day and age, everything has become fast-paced. So,why not signatures? In the traditional signing process, obtaining signatures from multiple signers or from third parties involved a lot a hassle and was considered a burden. One has to take the printout of the document, scan it, send the document via email or post, and wait anxiously until the document has been returned safely. In the case of the recipient missing some signatures on a document or some of the pages on the document being tattered or misplaced, then the entire manual process of printing, scanning and sending of the document has to be repeated.

However, to alleviate the tiring procedure involved in this manual and time consuming process, businesses can utilize the solutions of e-signature platform, one of the easiest and fastest ways to obtain signatures from multiple parties. By using the e-signature solutions, you can enable your clients’ or customers’ to sign the business documents online. In this modern and competitive business environment, e-signatures occupy a vital role for faster processing and greater computing capabilities.

Additionally, e-signatures play a pivotal role in speeding up business transactions. Additionally, it cuts down the costs involved in paper work and on other stationery items.

Here are a few reasons why your business should use an e-signature solution:

  1. Legally Defensible

When compared to the traditional paper signatures, electronic signatures on business documents have a comparably better legal standing and defensibility in the court system for various other reasons such as employing strong security measurements with a biometric signature capturing system with additional bank level encryption to ensure the identity of a signer.

  1. Saves Money

Switching from the traditional signing method to an e-signature solution allows your business to save money on pen and paper as well as on rent and administrative staff costs. Generally, the cloud storage in an electronic signature software will enable your business to replace the bulky file cabinets and cranky file servers, which can occupy the majority of your office space. Additionally, an electronic signature solution replaces misplaced documents, missing pages, and addresses allegations of page-swapping, etc.

  1. Provides Mobile Signing

The cloud based e-signature technology will enable your clients’ or customers’ to sign business documents from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device, provided they have access to the internet connection. For your convenience, the mobile features in the electronic signature software allows you to request signatures, check request statuses, in addition to filling out and signing business documents on mobile devices.

  1. Keep Your Documents Under Your Control

When using the paper method, there is no notification of whether the specified signer has received the document or which of your contracts or agreements are buried and forgotten. However, utilizing the e-signature technology, you can view which documents have been sent to the signer, when they have been sent, and which signers have viewed but not yet signed the document. You can even send automatic email reminders to your recipients who are taking a prolonged period of time to sign a business document.

Use the electronic signature software, the most powerful new piece of modern technology designed to increase the speed and efficiency of your business transactions.

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