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How an E-Signature Solution Can Help Your Startup
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Running a business is not a child’s play. There are so many valuable things to be managed properly. Among them, maintaining the business documents and getting it signed with your partners or clients is the most crucial task. It may take a week or sometimes months to get the documents signed correctly that can affect the business operations so badly.

Previously, when employees of an organization receives the documents in a mail, they have to take a print out, make the documents to sign, scan the documents and send it back to the concerned person. This process takes quite a long time wasting the company time as well as employees and in bottom-line affecting the overall productivity of an organization.

Contrary to the hassle of the paper based documents, Electronic signatures in short term E-signatures are evolved. The electronic signature is basically defined as a process of attaching an encoded signature to an electronic document. In other words, E-signatures are the electronic version of the handwritten signatures or it is an act of signing a document electronically whether using a keyboard, mouse, mobile device or a signature pad. These days, the properly managed E-signature documents will have the same legal status as compared to the physical counterparts.

There are several benefits associated with online signatures for businesses of various sizes. Let’s deal with them today.

High Security

In olden days, business people used to sign the documents physically and send those documents via mail or fax to other signers. After sending the documents, there is no clue left whether the recipient has received the documents or incase if any of the business document has got missing or damaged while processing. There is no proper security for business documents.

But with the usage of E-signature solutions, one can track the documents that have been sent for signatures, no. of documents that are in the pending stage, people who signed the documents and send it to you and who viewed the document but not signed yet. You can even send the remainder mails to the document recipients who are taking too long to sign a document.

Reduces Business Expenditure

With paper based documents, businesses have to spend money on ink boxes, papers, postal departments, couriers and on fax system. Besides they need to have a separate cabinet to store all the files. By going paperless, businesses can cut down cost on stationery items and the saved money can be used to invest on right things.

In addition to this, businesses can even save the environment from the damages caused due to the paper wastage.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers mean better business. Customer Satisfaction always holds a great importance for the survival of any company. What’s the better way to enhance customer satisfaction rather than to implement E-signature solutions in your business? It will help in minimizing the turnaround and waiting time of your customers that can surely help your business to improve productivity which in turn benefits the profitability

With so many high business benefits, Electronic Signature software is the best thing to invest in your business. Opt for the E-signature Solutions to speed up your business transactions.

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