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5 Good Reasons to have Cloud-based Expense Software

Keeping track of clients’ financial information is crucial for accountants. But, relying on them for information can be tedious. While tracking is key, keeping current clients is also important. Investing in technology will make your job easier while maintaining good relationships with clients. The following are a few ways you can build lasting relationships with your clients in the long run:

Keep Up with Latest Accounting Systems

Your clients expect a quick response from you all the time. Cloud-based accounting solutions such as SutiAP will allow you to perform accounts payable operations the easy way. Having a good accounting solution means you are giving clients the best service when needed.

Replace Receipts with Automation

While employee report expense claims on a business trip, managing expenses manually is time-consuming. No one wants to handle shoebox full of receipts and track all the time. The automated solution eliminates manual processes and avoids missing GL codes or incorrect receipt data. Expense solutions featuring OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can scan your receipt and auto-populate the information in the expense report. Smart scan logs information with accuracy and completely eliminates the hassle of auditing.


Normally, clients need accurate financial reporting. Human errors are hard to avoid, but automated expense report solution can improve precision and assure data accuracy. Expense software OCR technology records expenses with greater accuracy, which helps clients, build trust in you.


For some clients, knowing what is happening within an expense report process is important. When choosing the online expense software, pick the one that provides complete visibility into what’s happening with the reimbursement process.

Corporate Card Reconciliation

Reconciling corporate card transactions require you to verify and validate your employee spending on the corporate card. Accountants have to ask for receipts, checks, and explicitly state the purpose for each transaction. With reconciliation process taking days, employees would lose receipts and miss expense information. Expense report software makes it easy for you to process reimbursements by automatically importing corporate card transactions into an expense report. This will eliminate the need to gather receipts and manually enter corporate card data into an expense report.

When chosen expense report software like SutiExpense, you can reduce the overall workload of your staff and keep your business growing overtime. 

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