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At SutiSoft, we regularly keep updating the business productivity solutions we offer. In this post, we will list out some of the latest updates to SutiExpense, our leading online expense report software solution.

FOREX Advance

Organizations around the world offer cash advances to their traveling employees to take care of miscellaneous expenses. Now, employees might have to travel on business purposes abroad sometimes. In such cases, cash advances in the local currency are no good. They would again have to exchange this currency and lose some of its value.

With SutiExpense, you can offer FOREX advances to your employees instead of the local currency. The software will help you manage all your cash advances, domestic or foreign.

Password hints

Earlier, SutiExpense users who lost their passwords had to reset it via an email sent to their registered email ids. With the latest update, users will be given a password hint with which they can retrieve their passwords.


SutiExpense allows users to send e-receipts from the third-party vendor app to the expense application. We are constantly adding vendors from whom e-receipts can be directly sent to the receipt repository. The latest in this are Starbucks and UBER.

Audit login

So far, SutiExpense offered a user login and an admin login. Auditors had to make use of one of these login credentials to perform their tasks. But now, auditors have their own accounts and can pull the following reports:

  • Minimum and maximum amount spend per merchant

  • Expenses on holidays/weekends

  • Expenses by type

  • Expenses by amount

  • Expenses by date

For more information, please visit the SutiExpense page.