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Get Your Expense Reporting Process Tuned in the New Year

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When you are in a growing phase, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Everyone will be busy dealing with day-to-day activities and it will become difficult to find time to evaluate the direction of travel.

Employee expense is one business area where it can really pay off if managed efficiently. Inefficient expense processes will take up more resource time and provide scope for workplace fraud.

Let’s take a look at some simple tasks that can make your expense reporting process efficient:

Review the System

Considering a better system to manage employee expenses is one way you to keep control of everything. But, using traditional methods such as paperwork, spreadsheets, and manual processes should be stopped. Cloud-based expense report solutions have changed the way expenses are controlled – managing cumbersome manual tasks with efficient workflows. This boosts processing times and reduces expense reporting costs. Expense report system provides flexibility and scalability to employees and allows them to report expense claims easily.

Clean up Expense Categories

Categorizing expenses is important for effective cost control. Miscellaneous expenses for assorted costs do not usually fit into existing groups. Adding new categories is time-consuming when the manual approach is taken. Automated systems have removed this hurdle by making it easy to create categories and ensuring every expense is accounted accurately.


To get the most out of digital expense management, employees should be given mobile capabilities. Choosing a solution that features mobile abilities offers a simple way for workers to manage expenses on the move. Employees can use the app for various purposes – creating reports, capturing receipts, and submitting claims – speeding up the entire process. So, it is important to ensure staff fully understand the benefits and provide support to users to help them make the switch.

Petty Cash Management

Petty cash is one of the expense areas where businesses get caught often. Normally, petty cash operates outside of company’s expense management setup. It is worth taking a close look to make sure adequate processes are in place. Expense solution that integrates petty cash management into its regular process would automate checks and help you manage corporate expenses in a smart way.

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