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On the Road: Mobile Expense Report Access for Blackberry

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For those Blackberry faithful who may be feeling that they need to upgrade or change platforms in order to use a SaaS-based software solution like SutiExpense, we have some great news for you!

If you are not using an iPhone or Android phone, you may still work on your expense reports on mobile

Websites Designed to Work on Mobile Screens

It is now standard in the website development business to design a flexible site that recognizes the type of device and adjusts the page display to fit.

So, our main website has a mobile-friendly version to make our online expense report software display properly on small mobile screens. This allows users of Blackberry and Windows phones to work on expense reports while traveling, without having to drag out their laptops. (In fact, as you see in the photo to the right, android and iPhone users can do this too!)

All you need to do is enter https://www.sutisoft.com/sutiexpense/ into your phone’s browser and press “login” top-right to open the sign-in page.

Enter your information and password and you will have access to all the resources you need to create, edit, submit and even approve expense reports.

If you have any questions at all about how to fully access your expense reporting software through your mobile phone, call us at?(650) 969 7884, or send us a contact form using the button below.

At SutiSoft, our mission is to make life better for road warriors, one completed expense report at a time!