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Corner Office: The Explosion of Uses for e-Signature Software

Uses for e-Signature Software
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When we look back on the evolution of e signature solutions over the last five years, we am impressed at how creative our clients have been regarding their use of digital signature technology. eSignature software was originally created to provide a more streamlined, productive and cost-effective method to capture signatures on legal documents. But customers around the world have creatively expanded how they apply eSignature to many different document types.

From HR to Marketing

Here are just some of the uses that clients have found useful in saving time, improving compliance and record-keeping:

  • Capture signatures on all of their new hire paperwork. This not only eliminated the costs involved in overnight mail but drastically reduced the time spent collecting and managing the paperwork involved in bringing on new employees. (See our Coeur Case Study for more.) Plus, the documents are safely captured in a secure place the moment they are executed.
  • Other clients use SutiSign as an internal ?sign-off? process for their marketing teams. Instead of having to share files on servers, clients simply create an approval process for suggested marketing incentives and SutiSign makes sure than those whose approvals are needed are notified and reminded if needed.
  • Sample documents are stored on the SutiSign server, and a hierarchy of access is created so that applicable documents can be accessed and customized 24/7 wherever an employee is. This is notably true for salespeople travelling and needing a fresh contract created and distributed for review. Speed and accuracy help close deals faster.

Best Practices

Evidence is being gathered by research outfits like Aberdeen that software solutions like SutiSign do enhance productivity and help sales close deals faster.

We would love to hear how you use e-signature software to increase your productivity, increase your compliance and streamline your document processing.

Who knows, your best practice may end up being a SutiSign best practice that revolutionizes the eSignature industry!