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Online CRM Software: Getting Salespeople Onboard

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Even though it benefits them the most, salespeople can sometimes be very reluctant to regularly use online CRM software due to a dislike of technology or the lack of will to train themselves on something new. Or even if they did get themselves around to doing it, they don’t use it the right way to gain the maximum benefit from it. You could be the head of your Sales unit, the CEO, or the IT manager who sees the value in using the system; the question in front of you is – how do you get your salespeople to make the best use of online CRM software?

Make them a part of the decision-making process: Salespeople want their suggestions taken seriously. Instead of a top-down approach wherein you pick the software and deploy it for them, ask them to form a team and come up with their own requirements and shortlist several solutions that they deem best-suited for their needs. Make them a part of any demos/discussions you have with the vendors.

Show them the convenience: Salespeople lead a busy life. With so many tasks to manage and multiple leads to follow up, they tend to miss things sometimes. Online CRM software is a one-stop shop which they can use to keep track of everything, real-time. Apart from that, mobile access means that they can stay on top of their game wherever they are; there’s no more any need to stay rooted to a desk.

Train them: We know, your salespeople are busy. They don’t time for such non-productive activities. This is one mistake many organizations make. As they have an intuitive CRM application and a smart salesperson, they think that no training is required. However, keep in mind that CRM software is more than a simple Rolodex or a sales funnel. It is a collection of best practices, many of which weren’t in use before. It comes with many tips and hacks that can make your sales reps’ lives a lot easier. To make the best use of the application, train them on it.