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Why is Online Expense Report Software a Must-have for Growing Businesses?

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Why is Online Expense Report Software a Must-have for Growing Businesses?

With few employees, it is easy to track spending but as your business scales up expenses also evolve continuously. As your company grows, the challenges grow along. Manual processes that work perfectly for startups will become impractical for large businesses. Without having the proper tools to handle the expense reporting process, scaling businesses become risky.


For small businesses, managing employee expenses is a fairly easy job. With only a few employees, managing and processing expense claims can be handled with basic setups. Many companies use traditional methods to control expense forms being filled and update spreadsheets. While it is not fast or efficient, it can work well for small businesses.

Growing Demands of SME

With increasing employee numbers and business expansion, expense challenges will evolve. Tasks that were previously simple would soon become a significant administrative burden. With information being processed manually and shuffling paperwork, the finance department will be overwhelmed by the increased volume of expense claims. Monitoring becomes impossible, leaving space for errors, fraud and compliance breaches. Simple accounting tasks become difficult, leaving no time for staff to verify and validate expenses.

Global operations

When a company has global operations, expense challenges become more complicated. In addition to verification and validation, you have to comply with rules and tax regulations of different countries. You should also handle multiple currencies and fluctuating exchange rates. Managing this with paper-based processes makes global expansion costly and complex. Slow processing of reimbursements and inability to monitor costs will have a major effect on a growing business, leading to financial loss and compliance risks. So, for companies that are looking to scale-up, it pays to go with expense management software.

Automated Solution

Automated expense report software solutions such as SutiExpense can grow along with the company – providing complete flexibility and scalability. An automated solution would replace paper-based manual solutions with digital processes and the system handles everything without the need for manual intervention.

Automated expense solution helps to figure out things that are going wrong and minimize the burden on the finance department by avoiding human errors and expense fraud going unseen.

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