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Pointers in Choosing Your HR Software Solution

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Share the postSelecting an HR software solution can be hard. Here is a list that…

HR software solution

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Selecting an HR software solution can be hard. Here is a list that helps you with software selection and what you should be looking for from your solution:

  • Evaluating the Business Needs
  • Scrutinizing the existing solution in use in the organization
  • Exploring the Cloud-based HRMS/ Web-based SaaS
  • Marketing research for the boot-fit prerequisites on HR Software
  • Litmus trial and error testing and taking the demos of the software
  • Implementation and integration of the applications with the existing one
  • Validating the after sales support to be provided by the vendor
  • Time-off and Attendance Management
  • Maintaining records and calendar of important compliance dates
  • Keeping a calendar for the significant compliance dates
  • Updating information into reporting tools
  • Creating visual dashboards of the crucial HR information
  • Integration with time clocks
  • Employee time-off management/timesheets including leaves and absence
  • Data feed about employee clock in and clock out times
  • Auto-split of the employee’s working hours using the general ledger code
  • Transparency in payroll and benefits
  • Empowerment of employees through HRMS
  • Accessibility of HR Data to the senior management
  • In-built recruiting and onboarding
  • Set-up of the benefit/compensation plan mechanism
  • Self-submission of employee personal data
  • Automate the employee benefits enrollment data with insurance agencies
  • Electronic submission of the e-forms to the third parties
  • Employee online training
  • Self-registration of employees for training sessions
  • Filtering and search options for the core skills required for the vacancy
  • Retention of the database of the potential candidates and past applicants
  • Interview scheduling and feedback gathering from the hiring authorities
  • Creating standardized assessments of the employee’s prospectus
  • Keeping an ongoing record of key result areas for improvement
  • Defining the promotion path for career enrichment
  • Proactive monitoring of the HRMS Database
  • Customizing the send and receive alert messages
  • Channelizing the electronic forms for usual HR manifestations
  • Fully-integrated payroll solution
  • Self-management of the employee database
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Performance management
  • Compliance handling
  • Observing end-user expectations from the software
  • Involvement of the stakeholders in buying the software by staying within the budget criteria
  • Inviting the price quotations from the prospective vendors
  • Entering into a final decision to purchase the HRMS software to be installed for an absolutely paperless work space

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