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A Few Things to Look for While Selecting an Applicant Tracking System

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Recruiting top talent is a tough job for any HR team. A single job posting can attract hundreds to thousands of resumes, and making the right hire has become a key concern for the organizations. To automate the entire hiring process, many businesses have made the switch to modern applicant tracking systems. Unfortunately, selecting the wrong solution can drive away highly talented candidates instead of attracting them.

Here, we present a few tips to choose the best solution that could help you find and hire the best candidates for your open positions – every single time.

Simple and Intuitive:

Intuitive and user-friendly experience is important for a recruiting system. Applications that are difficult to learn and use will always have higher learning curves, and they can prove even less efficient than managing those same processes manually.

Real-time Reporting and Data Analytics:

How long did it take to fill an open position and which source is bringing the best candidates should be tracked. Real-time reporting and analytics provide ongoing tracking of your sourcing efforts. The robust HR solution with the above features allows you to view where your recruiting efforts are working and shows the weak links in your hiring process.

Social Media Integration:

Today, social recruiting has become a common method. Social media integration with recruiting system empowers businesses to easily send job alerts to qualified candidates, dramatically accelerating the tedious process of finding and screening available talent.

Employer Branding:

You should come up with a branded career site that’s a mirror image of your organization’s website could be simple-yet-powerful addition to your company’s hiring toolkit.

Making the right decision while selecting an applicant tracking system not only requires a good amount of research, but also significant effort and due attention.

SutiHR, with its robust applicant tracking system, automates the entire hiring process and increases the productivity of your busy HR team.

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