Self-Service HR Software: How to Make it Successful

Employee self-service is the new and innovative way in HR management which empowers employees and…

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Employee self-service is the new and innovative way in HR management which empowers employees and managers to manage their own HR management tasks.Employees can easily access critical information, update, and act upon transactions in the workplace, without having to go through the HR team.

However, employee adoption of these cannot be achieved overnight as employees need to be prepared to explore a new application and embrace a new way of managing their HR-related tasks. In this blog, we share a few tips that will make your employee self-service implementation a success.

As new employees join, provide a login and help them get started with the application. Make use of the templates and guides that you may have already put together or obtained to help them get up to the speed with the new HR system.

Employees will find it much easier to get familiar with the system if they have specific goals – and perhaps a few simple instructions to get them started. Ask them to complete one simple task at a time, such as updating their own contact information, or uploading a photo of themselves.

Talk to the team leads or managers about the new HR system before you take it live. Highlight the savings and flexibility that the solution offers. Show them how easy it is to configure their personal dashboards, customize their calendar view, or review information about the employees in their team. Involve them in deciding when to roll out different portions of the system.

Most employees are happy to have their information stored in the cloud making it easily accessible to all applicable parties, and also agree that an online HR application will save them time.

They should be able to report absences, record performance reviews, and complete timesheets in a systematic way. Start implementing these aspects of the system they will benefit from using the most.

The online solution can be used from virtually any modern device; PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All that is required is an internet connection and an up-to-date web browser.

This accessibility helps the new generation employees who expect to be able to manage their working lives as easily as they do their personal time.

They may not be thinking of working outside of office hours, but they may want to complete a timesheet or request time off when they are away from their workstation. The latest HR management systems also provide a simple interface, which allows employees to easily check their holiday entitlements and complete their performance reviews.

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