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Simplify Your Recruitment Processes with eSignature Software

eSignature Software for Recruitment

eSignature Software for Recruitment

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Over the recent years, Human Resources Management has undergone a digital transformation. Presently, many companies utilize HRM software primarily to oversee employee records, monitor time and attendance, manage talent acquisition, conduct and track performance evaluations, and facilitate training. Even with the comprehensive digitization of HR processes, there remains a demand for improved solutions, particularly in addressing contractual matters between employers and employees. The incorporation of eSignatures expands digitization across all workforce management processes, ensuring enhanced security and confidentiality.

The employment landscape is growing more diverse, offering HR professionals increased opportunities. Concurrently, the evolving preferences of job seekers are aligning seamlessly with those of their employers. These shifts in the job market are driving employers to adjust their business structures and foster the creation of innovative technologies tailored to their distinct requirements. eSignature caters to the unique requirements of HR professionals.

Companies can streamline the onboarding of new employees by having offer letters or contracts and all the related documents (health insurance, NDA, etc.) signed in advance.  Rather than dedicating their initial day to administrative tasks, new hires can concentrate on acquainting themselves with the organization and becoming familiar with their responsibilities. Enabling your HR professionals to work from any location at any time is possible by incorporating a cloud-based eSign software solution. This allows your organization to make your hiring process flexible in a way it couldn’t be before. Now, anyone involved in the hiring process can view the status of any document, quickly modify it if required, and sign it instantly, rather than the process taking days or even weeks to complete.

Automatic notifications will be sent to all relevant parties regarding any modifications made to a document. Additionally, updates on the document’s status, such as whether it has been dispatched, is awaiting a signature, or has been fully signed and is prepared for subsequent actions, will be included in the notifications. No more guesswork and unwanted follow-ups are needed. The HR team can spend more time working and less time tracking down signatures.

By shifting to the eSign solution, confidential and sensitive documents will always be kept safe from unauthorized access. This solution empowers you to oversee each signer’s process by dispatching documents through secure signing links directly connected to their email addresses and the eSignature system. The solution will enable you to track the document’s movements and each participant’s manipulation of the documents, storing all collected information and signatures within the system for future audit reference.

Some contracts may necessitate multiple signatures from various managers. eSign software enables contract owners (HR team) to distribute the contract to various managers for signing, monitor the approval status of all stakeholders, and issue reminders if necessary to prevent delays.

Knowing where your employment contracts are within the workflow is crucial for productivity. When an employee receives a contract, opens it multiple times, but fails to add their signature, it signals to the HR team to follow up with the prospect and ensure the contract is signed.

eSignatures make new employee onboarding a simple process, enabling HR professionals to focus on developing better strategies for the future. Using the online software, the necessary documents can be sent to the new hires, which require their signature, triggering a digitally authenticated signature.

With an online eSign software solution like SutiSign, agreements can be performed remotely, which is a significant benefit for companies working in different locations. Custom workflows can be configured for checking and validating employment contracts before they are sent to the signers. A signature tracking dashboard provides an overview of all contracts awaiting validation and signature. Each time a document is signed, all stakeholders will receive a copy and an audit log will be created.

The scope of eSignatures extends beyond the signing of offer letters and employment contracts. You can use eSignature for non-disclosure agreements, annual performance reviews, leave request and approval forms. It allows for more secure communication with your employees, while enabling you to organize your workforce better.

eSign software can be seamlessly integrated with your existing Human Resource Management (HRM) system through an API. You can manage all workforce management related processes from a single solution. You can automate all your tasks and create custom workflows for your business needs, including talent acquisition, time and attendance tracking, documents, automated reminders to sign documents, and much more.

Wrapping Up

Many organizations now use HRM software to manage their workforce and recruitment processes better. Implementing electronic signatures for offer letters or employment contracts enables complete digitization of all HR processes, simplifying tasks for HR professionals. Hence, it’s the opportune moment to contemplate the integration of eSign software and modernize your recruitment procedures!

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