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Key Factors to Watch Out in eSignature Solution Providers

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It’s been observed that above 25% of small to mid-sized firms spend more time on heavy paperwork. They lose almost 9.12billion each year by spending an average of five to six hours per week on simple administrative paperwork. A stellar performance within the workplace is not only about working hard, it’s about working smart. Such philosophy is why SMBs are beginning to search for ways to jump on board with a cloud-based electronic signature software solution.

However, finding the best eSignature system for your company can be a challenge. Here are some key questions you must ask before making a final decision.

1. Does the solution provide an intuitive user experience?

One major factor to consider while selecting an eSignature solution is the simplicity in how easy it is to use. When workers spend productive hours following a traditional process before starting, you will be hunting for some other solution before it gets too late.

Thus, select a system that is easy to leverage as well as intuitive. One that is specifically designed to facilitate a positive customer experience each time. The reusable templates and the highlighted mandatory fields are some of the handier features the solution has to offer as the steppingstone towards the greater objective.

2. Easy integration with other existing applications

Your team members may juggle between multiple tools in order to handle regular activities. Using an automated eSignature software which integrates with your favourite solutions like Microsoft, Google, and others helps you drive instant staff productivity. When it fails to meet your requirements, verify if the software provides a robust and flexible API which equips the business with a powerful eSignature experience within all the applications. It ultimately saves a lot of time for your entire staff.

3. Do they offer a seamless mobile experience?

Today’s excessively competitive environment looks for a solution which enables workers to sign, send and handle every document securely on the move. Search for an electronic signature system which provides applications native to each massive platform like Web, Android, and more. The compatibility level will enable you to use immediate notifications to make sure your staff is always on time.

4. Level of security provided

The other key aspect while picking a solution is keeping data secure at all times. Various systems provide multiple levels of security. Thus, as a rule, choose a secure system for your contracts using an SSL encryption. Also, couple it with a detailed audit trail which monitors the complete signing procedure from a signer’s email ID, document fingerprint, timestamp, and much more. Such audits can come in handy as legal evidence should the business or firm have then need to stand up to any scrutiny in court.

5. Does is enable business branding?

The company brand sets you apart from your competitors in the clients’ eye. Let it shine leveraging the chosen eSignature platform.

Search for a software which enables you to customize the document workflow with your company logo included. Placing the businesses’ identity in front of the customer’s eyes is mandatory step for offering a constant brand experience. Couple it with a seamless viewing and signing experience for everyone.

6. Which industries do they serve?

This transition is critical, specifically when you are working in highly regulated industries, such as banking/financial services or real estate. Ensure that the eSignature tool will work for you and the entire business. It will also provide you with an excellent idea of the types of use cases you can address with an eSignature technology.

Plus, you may consider asking for a reference to verify how an eSignature provider is working from a customer’s point of view.

7. Basic services provided by the solution

No matter if you run a small or a large business, the supplier should support all the eSignature transaction requirements. Remote online notarization services save productive hours and offer a security level and cost savings unmatched by the outdated notarizations.

The other areas to ask about is a white-labeled eSignature service. It’s more crucial if you are a larger organization searching for robust and integrated eSignature software with powerful and intuitive features. White labeling is critical when you want to customize each aspect of your contracts and the various singing procedures which correspond to the brands image.

Electronic signatures are becoming a necessity for various companies to operate effectively. So, you must look for a service which is easy to use and trustworthy. It’s essential to opt for a software which fulfills all digital requirements whether you are searching for a secure eSignature service or what further services you might require. Asking the above questions will help you locate an excellent electronic signature tool.

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